Miscelaneous images

This is the left half of a mural painted by Thomas for the Masonic temple in Lake Worth, Florida. The theme is the building of Solomons Temple.

Below is the right half of the above mural.
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I would imagine this book about Melton's love of antique cars is now out of print.

A great photo of a smiling Melton enjoying one of his toys.

The following images are details of two of his murals I don't have information about.

The three books that were required reading for my "college of one".

These are the only images I have of 'Barney' and of Boynton Beach in the 50's. If you have some to share please e-mail me. I would especially love to have photos of Lou & Marty's which was next to Harvey Oyer's insurance office. In fact the whole street with the post office and maybe the movie theater that was up the road.

And here ends the story of a brush with greatness.

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